Monday, January 26, 2009

Meeting the nephews

So I got back late last night from one of the most amazing trips of my life.  I got to meet my nephews for the first time.  And I am convinced that they are the cutest babies I have ever met.  I know I am biased, but I mean come on, they are absolutely perfect.  

I dare you to disagree.  

Anyways, I took a red eye flight out Wednesday night.  As great as that sounded originally, I flew out at 9:30 pm and landed in New York around 5 am.  I had a 2 hour layover, which I am sure is needless to say was a pretty sleepless night.  Then I flew out of there to DC and landed at 8:30.  I could seriously hardly wait to get in the car.  I had a pleasant surprise awaiting me in the car, yup, you guessed it, the boys were with Kim.  I instantly fell in love.  It took everything for me not to crawl through the car to the back seat to be with those boys.  The instant we walked through that front door, I don't think I put whichever baby it was that I was holding down for a good 5 hours.  Kim and I each had one baby and took a nap on the couches.  It was absolutely perfect.  It was a perfect first day with the boys.  Mrs. O'Malley was there as well.  It was a perfect weekend.  After all the relaxation on Thursday, we decided to be adventurous and take the boys to Mount Vernon.  We walked around and just enjoyed the "great" weather, which was in the 30's.  Not really my idea of great weather  considering I left California when it was in the 70's.  But oh well, I sucked it up and we had a lot of fun.  After walking around Mount Vernon we went to Old Town Alexandria.  Probably my favorite town that I have ever seen.  It is just so cute and quaint.  We had lunch at a great little french bistro.  Then we headed home.  Another great but very long and tiring day.  Who would have thought two such tiny babies could be so much work.  Saturday we decided to attempt to go to a museum.  We made it through one exhibit (The First Ladies exhibit- which was not even finished) and then we had to head home to feed the babies.  Those little things can eat like I have never seen.  Other than that it was a pretty mellow trip.  I only had to do two midnight feedings, and I was lucky because Mrs. O'Malley was there right by my side.   Sunday was a sad day because it meant leaving those amazing boys behind.  The only helpful thing is that I know I will get to see them in like a month.  Until that day I will continue to stalk them via Kim's blog and Brandon's facebook.  

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

So it is official, I am going to New York for in like 2 1/2 weeks, but the bonus to that deal is that they are sending me to DC first to visit my nephews. It is a part of my compensation for the long hours that I will be working while I am in New York. By long hours, we are talking like waking up at 8am (at the latest) eastern time when Kimberlee has to go into the office. And then, being with the baby all day till she gets back from the office. We are talking like 12 hour days at the least. The point in all that is to say that I get to go to DC to see my nephews. And I am ecstatic. Other than that, today has been an interesting day. Taking care of grandma hit its climax when Renee dropped her off at the nursing home to find it completely inadequate. Little things like not having pillows on the beds to not having a channel changer. Now my grandma is pretty self sufficient when it comes to being able to be left alone for like an hour at a time, but hello, what is she supposed to do without a channel changer? Do they expect the handicapped to just start walking around so they can change the channel whenever they desire? Doesn't sound like the smartest thing I have ever heard. Anyways, Renee got home from the gym at like 8ish, and had just gotten off the phone with my grandma. Let's just say it wasn't pretty. And her true feelings definitely came out. She left pretty quickly to go pick my grandma up and take her home, seeing as how they had not given her medicine since she got there. Poor Renee. She is so stressed out about this. And the point in putting my grandma there was because all three of us have to work the next few days. So now we are frantically trying to find a new nursing home. So that was a bit of added drama. Other than that, it was kinda mellow. I got off work almost half an hour late because Kimberlee had to run to the grocery store, which was fine. Then I had to go to Balboa Island where I was supposed to clean two hot tubs. Well they weren't home. So I turned around and headed home. I attempted to pick up the bake at home kind of pizza from the store, but I was so distracted I picked up the wrong kind, so Anna and I had to go back to the store and exchange the pizza. I thoroughly embarrassed Anna (not entirely sure how) which was kinda fun. Since we have been watching The Biggest Loser and vegging on the couch. It is always a nice treat to just be able to relax, seeing as how I don't get to do too much of it during the days. I love my job, and I can not wait to be a mother, but at times one of the best parts of my job is being able to leave and come home to peace and quiet every night. Anyways, all my excitement lies in the fact that in 2 weeks from tomorrow I will be leaving to fly to DC where I will FINALLY get to meet my nephews. The joy is beyond words.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

So Friday I found out that I will most likely be going to New York again for work in like three weeks. The lady that I nanny for is a lawyer and her law firm is in Rockafeller Center, and she got a call on Friday that she will be working on some big deal that requires her to be in the office that week. It shall be an interesting trip as well. We went almost two months ago, and the trip was a lot of fun. I spent my days with the baby, roaming about the city. I got to walk through Time Square, I only got to go to one museum, but we took walks in Central Park, and of course did a few of the typical touristy things. The only bad part was the weather. I thought it was cold then, but last week when I was watching the New Years Eve special, it was like 1 degree. I am so not okay with that. The 60's are cold to me. I don't think there are enough clothing layers in the world to keep me warm. This results in a problem because now I have even more of an excuse to shop. Oh well, I will try to work on that.

Thursday, January 1, 2009


So I have fallen in love (with my nephews) and I have not even met them.  I am definitely am a very biased aunt.  I think they are pretty much the cutest babies ever.  And the idea of not meeting them for like a month and a half is pretty much unbearable!  Currently I am thinking of ways to get time off of work to fly out there.  I have been working 50 hour weeks, so getting time off is quite difficult.  But even if it is only for like 3 days, I would totally go just so I could have the chance to cuddle with my nephews.  I have never checked two websites (facebook and Kim's blog) more in my life.  To even get a glimpse of them is pretty much the highlight of my day.  Now comes the more serious plotting of getting to DC sometime this month.  And or just convincing Kim to come to Seattle when I am there for my friend Karin's wedding.  Although it is not much, seeing them a week earlier seems like eternity right now.  Even though I know Kim is the only person who reads this, here are some of my favorite photos of my nephews that I have stolen from their websites.  

Jackson David

Cullen Scott

Anyways, other than being an internet junkie and stalking my nephews, I have been working quite a bit.  But over the holidays I have been blessed with getting some time off.  Which has come in quite helpful with trying to beat this cold.  Last week I had Christmas Eve, Christmas day, and even the day after Christmas off.  This week I had New Years day off, and I even get to go in late tomorrow, the day after New Years day.  It will be rather nice to get to go to bed early AND get to sleep in.  On top of work, this week my sisters (Renee and Anna) and I get to take care of my grandma so that my mom can be in DC with the babies and Kim and Brandon.  It is nice for her, but it does add a bit of stress to our week.  Not because we don't want to take care of her, but because all three of us work, and coordinating our schedules is a bit of a challenge.  Tomorrow will be the hardest day.  Anna and I both start work at 10, and Renee at 12:30, but that leaves at least a 2 hour gap until Anna gets off that no one is able to take care of grandma.  So we are attempting to get a nurse to be there during that time.  Hopefully it will all work out.  If not, grandma thinks she can be alone that long, but it is a bit scary for us to leave her there alone that long.  (Kim, you better appreciate all of our hard work, we are only doing this for you)  Anyways, tomorrow will be a challenge, but grandma does want to take the three of us out to PF Changs for dinner, so that is a positive.  
Anyways, I have spent enough time away from staring at my nephews, I better return to what I have made my temporary job.