Sunday, November 29, 2009

Yay for the HOLIDAYS!

So life has been non-stop lately.

Traveling to New York for work kept me pretty busy, in preparation before, while I was there, and finally recovering once I got home. I think I am mostly recovered although I began to get sick while I was there, and though it never culminated into a full blown cold, my body is still fighting off something.

The weekend after I returned from New York I took a much needed vacation to Washington. It was colder than I remember it EVER being, but I survived. I was pretty lucky that it hardly rained while I was there. There isn't much worse than being cold and wet! It was a short trip, but none-the-less rejuvenating and relaxing. There is just something about the people there!

I returned just in time for Thanksgiving. It was a great four day weekend! LOTS AND LOTS of food and desserts. Followed by the longest Black Friday of my life. It all started at 9pm on Thanksgiving night. My friends and I headed up an hour north to Los Angeles to go to the Citadell Outlets. We were there from 10pm-2:30 am. We shopped/waited in lines almost the whole time, but took a much needed rest stop at Ruby's before we headed home to get some caffeine and fries. Two or three sodas later I was hyped up for round 2! We arrived back home around 3:30 just in time to head out for the 4 am openings of stores. My friends and I parted ways for the time being and I headed to Kohls with my mom. We waited outside the store for about 20 minutes which wasn't bad at all. When we arrived people were lined up with shopping carts from the grocery store down the way. Apparently the so called carts at Kohls aren't very good. So out of laziness, my mother and I came up with an alternative (walking all that way was not an option at this time of the morning)... we went back to the car and got grandma's wheelchair. It did the trick, and one better, gave me a place to sit while we finished waiting in line! Once in it was stacked higher than eye level. But we found some great deals. I have never done Black Friday to this extent. It was crazy, but fun at the same time. I can see what all the hype is about. Who knows, maybe next year I will get even more into it! Anyways, after Kohls, the plan was to drive to the mall to shop a little more and meet up with my friends. So due to lack of sleep, I thought it would be a bad idea to drive, so my mother drove me out there and dropped me off. I arrived somewhere around 5:30 am. We stayed there till about 7am when we were all about to drop (and the mall didn't have ANY good sales)!! And somewhere around 7:15 am my head hit my pillow and I was out cold for the next 5 hours. And you ask what did I do once I woke up?!? You guessed it, I did some more shopping. Target was the main one, but Michaels, Ulta and Walmart are also on that list. Call me crazy, I partially agree! So Saturday was designated to be a day of rest and arts and crafts. Well of course I had to go to the mall to go to a paper store, but after that is was home sweet home until church at night.

My art prject of the day were inspired by my friend Katie's creativity. They are no where near as amazing as hers, but in my defense they were my first try. I am in love with the idea and can not wait to experiment further.

The background is a deep red decorative paper. The green paper is so unique, Katie used it for her wedding invitations, and was so kind to let me have some. The trunk of the tree is made out of raffia (sp?). And the gold leafs I found at Michaels were added as embellishment. These are some of my favorite colors. The first photo is probably my favorite design. There is also one more to come, but we are waiting to frame it first. It looks much better framed.

So now I believe you are caught up to date. I can't wait to see what this next month holds. Kim and the boys will be here in a little over a week, and Brandon in about three weeks. Christmas time holds lots of cookie making, and of course tamales! Two of my favorite things! Tis the season! Bring on the Christmas music!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

FINALLY going home!

Well, tickets are finally bought for our return flight home! I will be arriving at 9:45, and I could not be more excited. Our original flight was scheduled for last Monday, but it got pushed out to an unofficial Thursday flight, but I was beginning to get a little scared since it is Wednesday night and nothing had been purchased.

Don't get my wrong, I am fond of New York, but trying to do anything in this city with a stroller and a toddler is nearly impossible. And I am just worn down. I have been working 16 hour days minimum. I can hardly wait to go home and be CHILDLESS! These trips always give me a new appreciation for all the work that moms actually do! And of course, thankful for cities that do NOT have stairs!

Monday, November 2, 2009


So unlike Kim, I actually did the work myself. I think the fact that Chipotle gives away free burritos is possibly the greatest thing ever. So we wrapped ourselves in some foil, and enjoyed FREE Chipotle. Greatest thing ever!

After not being able to dress up in my childhood, these past few year I have started to embrace it. It is actually pretty fun. But I won't take the credit. My creativity still isn't very good, so I turn to friends for their ideas, and a bumblebee is what we came up with this year.

Overall, it was a fun night.