Sunday, October 25, 2009

We wish you were here to share in these with us Kim! We miss you!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Two in one week!

You should be very proud of me Kim, this is my second blog in one week (at least I think it has been in the same week)!

So, Adrienne and I decided that we wanted to go see a movie tonight. In true cheap fashion, we check the dollar theater to see what is playing. All About Steve was suggested, so on our merry ways we went. But first, we HAD to stop for frozen yogurt. But of course not the place across the street from my house, but the one 10 miles down the road through "the ghetto" of Tustin. We pull up, park, but Anna decided she would just stay in the car. I was trying to be kind, so I left the car running. Adrienne and I go in, serve ourselves, pay and are walking back when I notice a car had parked next to us. There are a couple of guys in the car, and one young kid- by young I mean like 10- standing outside. We are already cutting it close to getting to the movie so we move along and climb in the car, the whole time being watched very closely. As we are backing out, Anna so kindly informs us that she actually thought they were going to climb in the car and drive off with her. A great way to start off poor Anna's night. But anyways, that was just a side story...

Now for the good stuff, the reason I am writing... to HIGHLY recommend seeing All About Steve. I did not expect it to be funny, but let me tell you, I laughed the entire two hours. Poor Anna got dragged along with Adrienne and I. After a long ay of work, usually pretty much the cheesiest thing can get me laughing. But I would say this was legitimately funny. I am really bad at summing up movies without ruining them though, so I won't even try. But, there were a few times during the movie that Anna hid her face (which was already in her hood out of fear or getting lice- I did it as well, you just never know with these sketchy dollar theaters). I will proudly admit that there were many times when Adrienne and I were laughing louder than anyone else, and even a few where I was doing it on my own. Poor poor Anna. And to top it off, there was a part where I almost lost it because I did not see it coming. In short, if you see the movie in the future, do NOT be frightened by the mine scene. It is not meant to be scary, and that was confirmed when I was the only person in the theater screaming from fear. My heart felt like it was going to shoot out of my chest. I just did not see that coming. Anyways, to sum it all up, in my opinion, it is a really good movie, and you can't beat the dollar theater price. Especially the one in the ghetto where all of my distant relatives decided to come after they got out of spanish church at 10 pm.

Oh, and side note, we found a Yogurt Land right off the freeway, about 5 minutes from my house on our way home. But Anna and I did enjoy our tour, thanks to Adrienne who had to have strawberries (to support her people who picked them, and because Golden Spoon so kindly does not offer them).

Saturday, October 10, 2009

For you Kim

So I got reprimanded the other day for having a blog and not actually writing anything, so here goes nothing...

I actually only got the blog so that I could stalk my nephews. It has been working pretty well in case you were wondering. I don't view my life as very exciting, I am not married nor do I have kids, so that narrows down the topics to write about. But lately I have had the privilege of being insanely busy (by choice for the most part), in between some rather fun excursions.

Since so much time has lapsed since my last blog I will just sum up some of the more recent events.
I was in Seattle a little over a week ago. I had some vacation time that I needed to use up from work, so I planned a trip. It was a little last minute, but I almost prefer it that way. It was about 80 degrees when I left at 7 in the morning. When I landed it had to be 20 degrees cooler. So much for the shorts that I was wearing. I changed rather quickly. And added a layer or two of sweatshirts.

One of the smartest things I have ever done is be there for my birthday week, I have to admit that I was rather spoiled. I got pretty much anything that I asked for, it was wonderful.

That Sunday Peter took me to the Puyallup Fair (we met up with Karin, her husband Chris and Chris's brother). The fair in my opinion is famous for their scones. I wanted to at a dozen, but practiced self-control. I was rather impressed with myself. Although I think over the course of a week I ate at least half a dozen. The working out started last week after my vacation ended. Some of the other highlights from my week were seeing Shannon, Katie and Karin as often as possible. Bless their hearts, they made as much time for me as possible in between their working and social lives. I love my friends. I also had another tour of UW, which I had to admit, this time around it was much better than I remembered. I got to spend lots of time in Seattle which was also fun. I can't wait to go back around Christmas time and see all the lights. That is one thing California is lacking in, I have tried my hardest to find neighborhoods and cities that put up lights, I have yet to find them. A little disappointing, but I have yet to give up hope.

As for the being spoiled on my birthday, here are all of the glorious details. I woke up (after getting to sleep in) to get a phone call from my sister Renee telling me that SHE IS PREGNANT. For the 3 people who actually read this, I am sure you all already know that. But none the less, it was the highlight of my birthday (sorry Peter, I know you tried). After that, I was bouncing off the walls so my massage was canceled per my request, and instead we just walked around The Marina, one of my favorite places, and then headed up to Seattle. This is where I got my tour of UW, and due to dinner reservations sneaking up on us, we headed to the U District and played a rousing game of speed. I would like to announce that I won. After that we went to this cute restaurant called The Pink Door. And ate lots of garlic. Kim, you would have been soooo proud. And then off to a chocolate restaurant called The Dillitant (sp?). I really was very spoiled. And then we got to go see Katie and her husband Casey, and then my cousin Jordan. All in all it was one of the top birthdays. You have a lot to top next year Renee. Last year I got Carrie Underwood tickets, this year a new niece or nephew. You better start planning for next year.

Washington was a great vacation, as always.

I got to return to a full week of work and things to do, but I was blessed enough to get another vacation this weekend. I got to go to Palm Springs to see Peter who was down with his Aunt and Uncle watching his cousins. My mom and I drove down Friday night after I got off work. It was a great little get away. And of course seeing Peter just topped it off.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that I flew back last weekend to go to Brooke and Jeff's wedding. It was a gorgeous wedding. And so much fun seeing old friends as well. And who can beat a wedding that is catered by In an Out and that has a photo booth? I will leave you all with these photos from the wedding (seeing as how I never take any myself).