Sunday, March 22, 2009

Palm Springs

So Palm Springs was great.  My mom got a free hotel room for two nights (even though we only utilized it for one).  Anyways, so Renee and I drove out and picked up my Aunt T early on Saturday in an attempt to get to the hotel early so we could get in a full day of tanning.  Well we got there, but could not check in until my mom got there, so Aunt T, Renee and I went to the first bar we saw and got some not very good raspberry margaritas.  As we were finishing my mom got there and checked us in.  We then decided to attempt to get everything from the car to the hotel room in one trip (mainly out of laziness).  Not a very wise decision.  We all had purpleish hands by the time we got there.  
We then changed into our bathing suits and headed down to the pool to begin the tanning.  We ordered food (and more drinks of course) and let the good times roll.  Aunt T has to be the only person who goes to Palm Springs without a bathing suit.  After a few hours at the pool we headed back up to the room to get ready for dinner.  Eight girls getting ready in one hotel room is a bit of a challenge.  
Dinner was absolutely amazing.  We ate at Renee's favorite steak house.  Great choice.  I am sure Jon will be a little jealous.  But since he comes home SOOO SOON, we can take him there.  He will get pretty much anything he wants when he gets home.  Anyways, that was just a little side note.
After the steak house, the young ones left and the partying began.  We hit the floor and did some gambling.  I quickly realized it is not my strong point in life and learned to enjoy watching (and instructing) other people.  I met this man (who reminded me of one of my great uncles) who was playing some game that I did not understand, so I sat and talked to him all about it.  I obviously learned a lot considering I can not even tell you the name of the game.  But he was cool.  He put up with all of my weird questions after all.  
The rest of the night began a bit of a blur after that.  I remember some yelling, some singing along to itunes in the room, Renee falling asleep, ordering pizza and asking where the rest of it was, dumping salt into a napkin to take to the room, attempting to steal limes, actually stealing a salt shaker off of a room service cart, oh, and the flowers from the room service cart.  All in all, it was a great night.
Today was a bit stranger of a day.  After waking up and scrounging to clean the hotel room, we once again made the not so wise decision to try to get everything to the car in one shot.  Not a good idea, but a success none the less.   We then headed to the desert house to ransack it and take what we wanted.  It was a bit depressing, but it was kind of cool to find some of the things we did.  Like our old toys, and some family heirlooms (which I quickly realized I am the only one who appreciates them in the family- oh well, more for me).  Oh, back tracking a bit, when we were laying at the pool, my Uncle Jim kept trying to call my aunt, but her phone was in the room so he was having no success.  Eventually told Renee to have her call him.  Only to find out that my cousin Stevie had surprised everyone and had come in town from Arizona with his girlfriend Kat.  An old joke between Stevie and I is that if I don't approve oh her, he is in trouble.  This led to us trying to get home as quickly today as possible.  Which then led to us sitting at the house for like two hours waiting from them to get back.  Oh, and I really liked her.  So I guess he is in the clear.  
After that Renee and I headed home where I have been sitting on my butt ever since.  Now I am hiding in my room while my sisters and their friends watch that ridiculous movie Twilight.  EWW!  Well on that happy note I am heading to bed.  My 5:30 wake up call comes very quickly, especially on Mondays!  Oh, and as always, pictures are to come of our weekend in the desert. 

Friday, March 20, 2009

Jon comes home in 22 days!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

They came and went...

The photos are all out of order, but here is a snap shot of when Kim, Brandon and the twins visited.  It was a perfect week, especially since I had the whole week off of work.  We celebrated Grandma Sue's 70th birthday, we went to the beach, the pool, and Disneyland twice!  The boys absolutely loved all of the spoiling.  And now the next time they come back they will really be able to enjoy everything! 

Dad with his girls and the babies... call him Gramps, he loves it

I believe this is Cullen, we took this picture because of how chubby he looks!

I convinced Tisha to tell me if he had a smelly diaper!

The happiest place on earth!

Anna and I are to thank for the super cute Mickey ears!

Yes, we went to the pool in February!

It was a great trip, and I didn't even have to go anywhere!  Now we just need to get them to come back for another trip!