Tuesday, January 5, 2010

So I keep telling myself that I need to blog more, but that never seems to be what happens. Somehow time escapes me. I have been trying to figure out where it goes.
I am not sure if working 4- ten hour days, or 5- eight hour days is better for me. When I do only work four days a week, by the weekend I am exhausted and spend it trying to recuperate. When I work five days a week, well I guess I really am just lazy. And then the weekend comes, and 2/3 of the time I spend my Saturday nights/Sunday mornings at church (while I love...but none-the-less, get nothing done)!! Yet I know that I set myself up for this schedule, and love it more times than not. I hate having too much spare time, because then I really get nothing done because I am not motivated. Anyways, all that to say, it is a new year, so hopefully a new more motivated me (and not just some resolution).
Speaking of resolutions, I am not one to make one. Quite honestly, I know I will never keep with it, so I really just don't bother. But I do have a few goals that I would like to make some progress on.
*Paying off as much of my student loans as possible (speaking of which, Kim, can you send me that book??)
*With paying off student loans, that means less shopping, which I am sure my closet will thank me for.
*About every two-four months do a no-spend month (which brings me back to the book, pretty please Kim??)
*I would love to read at least one book a month, any good suggestions?
*If I say it now, maybe I will do it, but I know myself and my excuses, so do I dare? Exercise more? Or any would be a good start I guess!!
*Read my Bible much more often, and stay on top of all my Bible studies (which there are like three!)
*Eating healthier would be nice as well, but I am super picky (which all my family can attest to). Oh, by the way, I write this while I am eating a bag of chocolate covered pretzels! Pathetic, I know!

I think that about sums it up for now. But I am sure there is plenty of room for improvement on that list! I know better than to say I will do something everyday, because even if I do accomplish it for a few weeks, or even months, once I break it, it is nearly impossible to start again! I either feel guilty that I stopped which makes starting even harder, or that whole lazy/constantly tired thing kicks in again... NO GOOD!

I always do wonder how people have such self-disciple. I am constantly trying to teach myself to be better. I make deadlines for myself, have a planner, etc., but nothing really seems to be helping. Any suggestions?

Anyways, moving on. I just got back from another wonderful trip to Washington! I refer to it (more times than not) as the arctic. How I ever will survive there I do not know. People keep saying I will adapt. I sure hope so. Because I never left the house with less than two layers, not to mention a cat, boots and gloves! Today I sat in the sun, it was hovering in the high-70's to the low-80's, and it was gorgeous. I actually needed sunglasses on my drive to work! It was amazing. Oh, random side note (with my recent HORRIBLE luck with driving), I finally got a blue tooth. I had one a while back, but it didn't work properly, so my cousin graciously gave me one of the two she has yet does not use. Hopefully I will remember to use it so that this girl does not get any tickets for that. Oh yes, if you ever go to court, (even if you are innocent) plead guilty!! They are way nicer on traffic fines if you do. I faced some crazy like $1000 fine/bail when I plead not-guilty to cutting off a pedestrian. I had to pay that, then go back to court and go before a judge with the officer who pulled me over and hopefully win. If I did not win, I would have had to pay for the ticket and court fees. But I plead guilty and only paid a $200 fine. It really makes NO sense, I guess that is our court system for you. I won't even begin to talk about the interesting people I encountered while I was there. Needless to say, I will NEVER be going back to West Covina!
Oh yes, so before my wonderful trip to Washington, my sister Kim and the babies were in town for about two weeks before my brother-in-law Brandon joined them for another week. I will gladly give up sleep any day to have those two boys sleep at the end of my bed! I don't think it is possible to love them any more than I do! It is too late in this post for me to add pictures, so you will just have to look at past posts to see just how darn cute they are. Or really even easier is to just go to my sister's blog!!
This past month has been a bit of a whirlwind, with all the family in town and traveling and such, but I wouldn't have changed it for the world! Despite my crazy schedule, I love my life, family and friends and wouldn't want it any other way.