Monday, February 22, 2010

So here is a modge-podge of my life. Last weekend over the holiday weekend I flew to DC, despite the ridiculous amount of snow (see photo below)! It was such a good trip, but far too short. It made me miss my nephews that much more, but I was able to spend three full days just playing with them. This is a pile of snow outside my Kim's apartment complex. If you know anything about me, you know that I think anything close to 60 degrees or below is arctic weather. I pretty much ran from the house to the car to whatever building back to the car and back to the house. The least amount of time spent outside the better!

Other than running to and from buildings and cars, this is what we did all day. The boys would rummage through my suitcase and play with whatever looked like the most fun. Here Cullen has my wallet. The other favorite was my travel toothbrush and toothbrush case. Jack spent most of his time perched above in the basket. Cullen occasionally snuck in, but Jack soon reclaimed his territory.
Cullen climbing into the basket
Jack giving me a smile. Jack is getting really good at giving hugs. It is just to die for. He will reach his arms up so you will pick him up, and then he will tightly wrap his arms around you. I never wanted to put him down. He quickly realized that I was a sucker for him and would pick him up whenever he so wanted. I really just couldn't pass up a hug.
Cullen had to give me a big smile as well!
Trying to take photos of these boys with you is a very difficult task, hence why there is only one of Jack and I.
And now to the better quality photos that I stole from Kim. My camera has decided it will only hold a charge for like 5 minutes, so I have resorted to the camera on my phone. It works, but not all that well. These are the cookies we made. We tried to make them Valentines night, but we didn't realize the dough had to cool for 3 hours. So we made the dough and because we both had a sweet tooth, we also made brownies. YUM! And then on Monday we made the cookies. They are some of the best cookies I have ever had!
And these last two photos we were in a bit of a rush to get out the door, but I am sooo thankful that Kim snapped them for us.

And on to the next event. This is what a typical Saturday night and Sunday morning look like for me. This is the elementary room at my church.
And now onto a not so typical Friday night, but such a fun one! I went to a Brad Paisley concert with some girl friends of mine. We had soooo much fun. This is Miranda Lambert who opened for him. This is the second concert of his that I have been to, and let me tell you, he puts on one amazing show!
That is Brad Paisley! Does the cowboy hat give it away?
Last but not least, (more photos will come...) this is grandma's birthday cake! AMAZING! Better than any ice cream cake I have ever had, and it was sooo easy to make. Grandma likes to tell us she can't chew her food anymore, but as soon as you bring this out, she suddenly can chew again. Most of the time we laugh at her for it. She has as much of a sweet tooth as I do.
Chocolate cake with ganache frosting and cookies and cream ice cream in the middle. DELICIOUS!
Well, that's all for now. But hopefully soon I will post the few photos of grandma that I took of her with her birthday cake. I already can't wait to get off work and go home so I can have another piece, and it is only 9 am!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

So, it has been a while since I last blogged....

But, in my defense, I have been being pretty productive...

This is my new hobby, making cards!

All of these birthday ones are made with cross-stitch thread. I could spend hours doing this... oh wait... I already do!

Oh, and I spend WAY too much money at Michael's and Joanne's as well!

These baby carriage ones are Renee's baby shower invites (sorry if I ruined the surprise for anyone)! I had sooo much fun making them, but they were very hard to make as well! Hopefully they make it through our postal system in one piece! They are on pink cards, and the carriage is made out of paper that is 1/8th of an inch thick. I have this quilling tool (which is one of my favorite tools ever) which is how I got all of the cute spirals! I also made some of my Valentine cards with the same tool!

And the last of my pictures (not cards) is made out of yarn. They are super cute, but thick because you basically thread the yarn through hole punches. They turn out adorable, but you have to add a backing on the inside so you don't see the ugly side of the heart!

Every time I have a long weekend I pull out all my craft supplies, (much to my mother's dismay) and work away for a few days. I absolutely love my new hobby!