Monday, March 21, 2011

Today is not my day. For the life of me I can not figure out why my writing is underlined, and how to undo it. So you get to read a really dramatic looking post today.

Here it is. Yesterday my wonderful boyfriend helped me move this up the stairs (I am still a bit amazed we did it). His parents are loaning it to me for a while. It has all of my books and DVDs and games in it. I love the way it looks! And now when my nephews are in town they won't be getting in trouble for playing with my books.

I think the whole room looks so much more complete. I love it!

So, after all the heavy lifting (although Brian did the majority), decided to end my night with a bowl of this. I have never loved an ice cream more. I finished it last night and I foresee an Albertson's run in my future tonight! I mean really, it is delicious!

And of course a cup of tea. Brian went a little crazy this weekend at the store and bought some great new teas for us to try. He is trying to not drink so much coffee, and well, I am pretty sure it runs in my blood thanks to my mother.
I am sooo my mother's daughter! I have a whole drawer devoted to teas. In case you can't read them, there are two I want to point out.
In the upper right corner is what we call "tension tamer." And the bottom right corner is "sleepy time" I now drink a cup of sleepy time every night before bed and I am out really quickly. It is wonderful. And well the tension tamer speaks for itself.

And here are a few final photos of my apartment I finally got around to hanging some stuff on the walls. This is over the dining room table. It is a mirror on the right and two photos I made on the left.

My bulletin board that is hiding behind my door.

And finally, my biggest project, all the photos above my bed. They aren't perfect (or straight), but I hung them up. And as Anna said, "now it is starting to look like someone lives there."

I love my apartment more and more every day. Well, every time I accomplish a task mainly. But none-the-less, I have been making progress and I can not wait for Kim and the boys to come and stay with me!

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