Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Plates, plates and more plates!

Here you go Katie, the pictures I have been promising for like a week.

So these are the two new big plates that I found. I love the one on the right. I think it might be my new favorite!

Don't mind the messy kitchen in the background.

This is the one "bowl-ish" thing that I found. Although I would like to see someone use it as a bowl. But it is still pretty and good for a dip or something.

The so called "bowl" is on the left. The one on the right is a new salad plate. Or bread plate. Not sure the difference, just smaller than the big plates!

And the other 3 smaller plates.

I really love all of the plates I got this time around. They all are so different and have so much character. I always wonder about the people who bought them originally.

And these are my new platters from my Grandma Ann and Papa Dennis. I absolutely love them. This weekend is my house-warming party, and I can not wait to use them. They will be so much more convenient than trying to fit everything onto a plate!

Thank you again Grandma Ann and Papa Dennis!

I am still in love with this idea in case you couldn't tell! I have decided Mondays are the best day to go to the Goodwill. They mark different colored tags down on different days, and so far Mondays are the best for me. I missed yesterday because I was skyping with my sister and the boys (which I wouldn't change for anything), so maybe next week I will get there!

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Ann-Dennis Leger said...

I am so glad to pass my grandmother's platters to you. I remember so many happy occasions when these were used. Enjoy!