Sunday, March 27, 2011

Because I am tired of the threats...

So they aren't the best photos, but I posted them anyways. I think this is Jack. Cullen wasn't too excited about me taking his photo. Both boys have been pretty sick, so they were a bit on the moody side at times. But they both did great!

And there is Cullen, not looking to well. His eyes just look so sad. But he was a trooper.

Is that tie not to die for? They looked so darn hansom!
How do you resist that smile?

So Cullen really wasn't as into the pictures of videos. But I posted this anyways so you could see him. Jack on the other hand (as you can see from the first video) was a chatter box.

I hope you enjoy!


steph said...

Thank you Rachel. This made my day.

Ann-Dennis Leger said...

Oh my goodness, they look so cute in their vests and ties! Thanks for posting these.
Your apartment looks great