Wednesday, February 16, 2011

More apartment photos

So I will save you the time of telling me to clean my room. I already know it is messy. This is the lack of organization I have going on right now. Soon I hope t get a dresser and that will help! But for now, deal with the mess.

Here is my room looking at it from the window. That is all my craft stuff that you can kind of see stacked on the far wall. The closet is to the left.

And the mess again, this time looking in from the door.

Last photo of the room. But be impressed I got all my clothes hung up and coordinated by color as well as style:: long sleeves, short sleeves, tank tops, etc.

This is the hallway looking from the living room down. My bedroom is at the far end of the hallway. Notice the rug that is "saving my carpet" according to my dad. It made me laugh. It doesn't match my colors at all, soon it will go.

And the bathroom, which has changed the least of all the rooms. Eventually I will get towels and floor mats, but for now I have an "endless pools" bath mat that I conveniently flipped over so you only see white.

And here is the kitchen looking in from the dining room. Notice my beautiful roses that Brian got me for Valentine's Day. They are so pretty. Also, you can see a few of my exciting purchases:: a spice rack on the far counter and oil and vinegar on the stove. Oh, and notice the hammer and nails Brian brought over. Someday I will get around to hanging up pictures!

And the kitchen again from the entry into the kitchen.

This is the dining room. Although I finally got a real table, the folding chairs are still being borrowed. That rug will go soon as well. I am more of a solids kind of girl.

And the living room. Someday I will get a bookshelf. Do you think I need one? I know, I have a lot of books. As I was going through them and separating them out, I have read almost all of them. So that made me feel better. I also love to light the candles on the mantle, it looks so pretty!

Last and final photo. I plan on putting a book shelf on that far wall. I can't decide if I want a tall one, or a long waist high one. We will see what I can find for cheap I guess. Any votes?
Oh, and Kim, I am thinking I want you to make me covers for the pillows. I am not a huge fan of the all brown couch, it makes the room look very dark. Any chance I can convince you to use your skills to my advantage?

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Kirst said...

it's starting to come together :)